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Stories of Breakthrough

I feel happy when I hear back from people I worked with about the transformations that took place in their lives, post the sessions.

In some of the cases, when I requested for some comments and reviews from them, I was both astounded and gratified to read about the changes they experienced.

The testimonials shared here are by people who are comfortable with sharing their experiences.

For purposes of privacy some of the names have been changed on request.

A few of the reviews are quite detailed, and it was unexpected. I am so grateful and thank each one of you for taking the time out to write and share your stories.

I request that should any of you be interested to share your stories, to please do so here.

In doing so, you might actually make the people, reading them, feel that they are not alone. There are others going through similar issues in life.

Please feel free to change your names to maintain your privacy, and do state if you do not wish your residing location (state) to be mentioned.

Science of Happiness Session: Dell R&D Center – George Cherian, 40 years

- Info Dev Manager: Dell R&D Center, Bangalore

Anuja conducted a session titled “Science of Happiness” in Dell R&D Center, Bangalore, to a packed house. The session encapsulated the essence of traditional knowledge and psychology that helps ingrain a happy attitude in life. The session that culminated with a hypnosis walkthrough, to purge the subtle forbidding impressions of mind, was we ...

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Letting Go Of The Past – Aparna Tripathi, 29 years

- Management Consultant, Mumbai

I met Anuja few months ago, and realised that she has a great knack for understanding people and emotions. After a few discussions I decided to undergo an "inner child healing session" with her.

It was a remarkable three (3) hour session conducted by Anuja, and it was my first ever experience of exploring such deep levels of consciousness ...

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Freedom From Diabetes & Fibroids – Sangeeta Ganesh, 44 years

- Senior Technical Writer Advisor, Dell Wyse, Bangalore

Anuja has been a good friend of mine since the time we were working together in Dell. However, my association with her as my Healer and Hypnotherapist began 8 months back, when my mother-in-law was facing a serious psychological problem. Since she is very old and not in a position to listen, Anuja had to counsel me and my husband to help her out ...

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Cancer & Separation Support – Payal Tourani, 42 years

- Financial Advisor, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A

When I look back at how I was and now how much I have changed it amazes me.
All it took was a chance meeting with Anuja in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India.
My life was a mess at that time. Jobless, and going through a nasty custody battle for my child, I was at my lowest point in life and depressed.
When I struck up a con ...

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Physical Issues & Emotional Anxiety – Dr. R. Prakash (65 years), Mrs. (Dr.) R. Prakash, 62 years

- Retired University Professor, Medical Doctor (General Practitioner), Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

We consulted Anuja for some physical issues and emotional anxieties related to age and stress.
There were four sessions in all, each for around three hours. The sessions were spaced out over a few days. Since they were spaced out we could notice the changes happening to us in between, which were significant.
There was also a drop in ...

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Kid Woes – Soumya Krishnan, 35 years

- Software Professional, Bangalore

My child was normally a happy and very playful child. But suddenly she became aggressive and moody. She started having temper tantrums and also scary dreams. I tried talking to her but did not make any progress. I was very worried and even feared whether there could be some negative external influence on her.

I had met Anuja through a com ...

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Free From Food Addiction & Phobia – Esther Guram, 34 years

- Teacher, Tanglin, Singapore

The first thing that got my full attention when I underwent a hypnosis session with Anuja was her voice.
It was so lulling and hypnotic that I relaxed almost immediately!
As a teenager I was addicted to sweets. Gradually the addiction spread to become food addiction. I became overweight and it did not help my self-esteem.
In ju ...

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Releasing A Loved One – Sister Stella, 59 years

- Retired Headmistress, Mumbai

I consider it a blessed moment when I first met Anuja at Mumbai. Our meeting was casual. It was over a sharing of a meal together, our conversation rested on an issue that I was holding onto for a long time. I had not grieved over the death of a dear one. Anuja's approach was so spontaneous and with concern that I was led to experience a ple ...

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Dropping Emotional Baggages – Kriti Sawhney, 45 years

- Financial Consultant, Bangalore

I have known Anuja personally for a few years now. I have always found her to be a strong, empathetic and deeply spiritual person with a genuine interest in healing people. I have undergone multiple healing sessions with her which have led to my finally feeling at peace inside my own skin.
One of the first therapy sessions I had with her w ...

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Self-Expression & Confidence – Sumana P, 32 years

- Homemaker, Bangalore

I would like to thank the Almighty for leading me to an amazing guide in Anuja. Her knowledge and understanding of the human nature is exemplary. With her help I have been able to get to the root of my problems, gain the ability to see them from different perspectives, and understand what choices I have to resolve them. After the sessions, day b ...

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Interconnected Healings – Vidya Prabha, 28 years

- Software Engineer, Bangalore

The first time I approached Anuja for sessions some seven months back, I felt a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. She immediately put me at ease and I could talk to her frankly.
She came across as someone who is very flexible and understanding.
I sought her help for my constant migraines. The process she took me through ...

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Addressing Abundance & Self-Confidence Issues – Saisha Gujral, 32 years

- User-Centred Designer, Mumbai

Few years ago in Bangalore, Anuja and my paths crossed everyday, when we would go out. Though, since we did not know each other formally, we never spoke or exchanged pleasantries. I always noticed her.
Then one day I was introduced to the movie “The Secret”. I was fascinated by it and started practicing it.
One day while walking ...

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Emotional Transformations & Healing Of Hemorrhoids – Dixon Stephen, 39 years

- Assistant Manager, Communications, Hyderabad

I found Anuja to be a gifted and genuine counselor. She is extremely incisive, and what makes her counselling sessions effective is that they are very practical and not just feel-good fluff. I personally underwent Timeline Therapy and Soul Retrieval sessions with her. I found a marked difference in life as a result.

Circumstances and peop ...

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