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Few years ago in Bangalore, Anuja and my paths crossed everyday, when we would go out. Though, since we did not know each other formally, we never spoke or exchanged pleasantries. I always noticed her.
Then one day I was introduced to the movie “The Secret”. I was fascinated by it and started practicing it.
One day while walking out, I again crossed Anuja and overheard her talking on the phone, to someone, about, “energy field” and how the energy field affected her. Sorry Anuja, about the eavesdropping!
When I heard her talking, my mind took off and I thought here is someone who knows about the Law of Attraction.
We were going through a major financial crisis at that time, since my husband had suffered huge losses in his business. I was also suffering from post-partum depression, which led to too many arguments and blame games between my husband and me.
I thought should I approach her? And my monkey-mind started playing tricks. I kept oscillating between ‘should I?’ ‘no I won’t’. Since childhood I have always been very reserved and I would find excuses to not approach someone, or start a conversation.
Later after the sessions with Anuja, I discovered, that, my reserved nature was due to lack of self-worth and a fear of being judged.
Soon enough, I heard from someone about Anuja’s line of work and that she takes sessions.
Then one day for the first time we smiled at each other. Encouraged now I approached her. Since then I have had numerous sessions with Anuja.
During one session a lot of issues about my difficult love-hate relationship with my mother came up.
I am a professionally well-educated woman, but I was never able to motivate myself to start a line of work, that I wanted to, very badly. I would start and then, halfway, leave it unfinished. After this particular session with Anuja I realized I was copying my mother’s fears of being judged, her lack of self-worth, and her fear of failure.
That day I broke free from those issues. Soon after, I noticed I successfully completed a workshop, related to my line of work, which was well attended. This was something I had never thought I could do earlier, though, I wanted to do it so much.
I had another path breaking session with Anuja about the insecurity I had regarding my family’s financial conditions.
She taught me a few techniques, which I practice in solitude, and I learnt that abundance is actually a state of the mind. Interestingly my financial condition is getting better and better. I also noticed instead of playing blame-games with my husband I am taking up my part of the responsibility for bettering the condition. Now, we are on the edge of a big breakthrough (fingers crossed!).
Anuja’s soft spoken but frank ways of dealing with issues made me feel very comfortable. I found I could easily confide in her with the darkest secrets of my life, knowing I will not be judged.
I learnt from her the application part of the greatest truth of life that, whatever situation and circumstances I am feeling or facing externally today, has a hidden cause within myself. So instead of blaming a difficult situation or submitting to it like a victim, I have the option of seeing it as yet another opportunity to clear my issues within me and move on. And because of that, I now know that I have choices in life, and I get to choose how I want my life to be.

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