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I consider it a blessed moment when I first met Anuja at Mumbai. Our meeting was casual. It was over a sharing of a meal together, our conversation rested on an issue that I was holding onto for a long time. I had not grieved over the death of a dear one. Anuja’s approach was so spontaneous and with concern that I was led to experience a pleasant moment with the dear departed one and I was able to bid good bye. It was a life giving experience for me and I will hold that experience for the rest of my life.

In another session, I could heal myself from constantly nagging issues of mental stress and strain. Once again in that session I had a pleasant and life enriching experience with my dear departed one.

In another round of session with her, I was awakened to the consciousness of Divine presence in and around me. I am grateful to Anuja for all the healing and awakening I received from her guidance and sessions. I wish her God’s blessings and for her to continue to be an instrument to bring about wholeness in many people.

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