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We consulted Anuja for some physical issues and emotional anxieties related to age and stress.
There were four sessions in all, each for around three hours. The sessions were spaced out over a few days. Since they were spaced out we could notice the changes happening to us in between, which were significant.
There was also a drop in the emotional anxiety and stress, with a level of acceptance coming in which was not there prior to the sessions.

Anuja is a true professional, totally committed to the well being of her clients. She treats them with great love and care that is needed to make a person more confident in handling day to day chores. She has the gift of connecting with and understanding human nature both at the conscious and subconscious levels. Anuja is never in a hurry and spends all the time that is needed for handling the problems at their root cause and the results are truly remarkable. She is a gift to the world of counselling.

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