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I met Anuja few months ago, and realised that she has a great knack for understanding people and emotions. After a few discussions I decided to undergo an “inner child healing session” with her.

It was a remarkable three (3) hour session conducted by Anuja, and it was my first ever experience of exploring such deep levels of consciousness. The trigger to get into this session was the realisation that I haven’t received a closure from a past relationship, that existed almost eight years ago. Because of this I was nurturing a deep sense of rejection and lack of confidence. Clinging on to my past, and that relationship somewhere, brought a false sense of comfort and security; and that part of me had not grown since then…it was kind of stuck there.

This session particularly helped me realise that the root of these feelings were much deeper than just this relationship. I was able to connect the dots and it was indeed an epiphany when I understood the reason for those feelings of rejection, lack of self belief, trust etc. Just the awareness has helped me in a big way.

Today, I can really feel the ‘self growth’ and the sense of ‘moving on’. It is so palpable. Anuja was extremely patient and spontaneous. I will always be grateful to her for taking me through this journey. This would not have been possible without her!

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