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My child was normally a happy and very playful child. But suddenly she became aggressive and moody. She started having temper tantrums and also scary dreams. I tried talking to her but did not make any progress. I was very worried and even feared whether there could be some negative external influence on her.

I had met Anuja through a common friend and knew about her work in the therapy and healing field. Hence I brought my child to Anuja hoping she could help. She is very good with kids and I am greatly indebted to her for her help with my six year old.In the course of just one session, she was able to make my child open up to her and reveal the turmoil going through her little mind. She had been traumatized by some incidents at home that I (as a mother) had assumed she was too little to even understand!

Once the root cause was identified, Anuja worked in the sessionfor her to recognize and accept her feelings and channelize it in the proper direction. Now my child is back to her usual carefree self and I am also more understanding and sensitive of my child’s feelings.
I can never forget Anuja’s help in getting my child back. May God bless her and give her the strength to continue to help and heal many, many more people (young and old).

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