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The first time I approached Anuja for sessions some seven months back, I felt a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. She immediately put me at ease and I could talk to her frankly.
She came across as someone who is very flexible and understanding.
I sought her help for my constant migraines. The process she took me through was very unusual. I had never experienced anything like it. I was shocked at how detailed memories of my early childhood came up which were linked to the migraine. I never imagined I could recollect anything in such detail from my toddler years.
While doing the session my migraine started. Anuja continued with the therapy and the pain started coming down. I slept off after the session.
I didn’t have migraines for over 20 days after that, even though I used to have migraines every five orsix days.
After two more sessions, the migraines stopped recurring.
I also took Anuja’s help to get over depression, which started when I had a miscarriage. That session was very beautiful. I could release my baby. Earlier when I used to see babies I would get very upset. Thatday after the session when I was returning back home, I saw a lady carrying her baby in the bus, and I did not feel anything. I could also smile at the baby, so something had changed in me.

After that session, even my menstrual cycle, which was very irregular,became regular. I was taking Ayurvedic medicines for it. Now I do not have to.
I had gone to Anuja hoping the migraines would get cured, but I did not know that so much could get cleared up because they were all connected. Anuja thank you so much for everything you have done and taught me. I can never forget you. Thank you!

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