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The first thing that got my full attention when I underwent a hypnosis session with Anuja was her voice.
It was so lulling and hypnotic that I relaxed almost immediately!
As a teenager I was addicted to sweets. Gradually the addiction spread to become food addiction. I became overweight and it did not help my self-esteem.
In just one session with Anuja I got to know my core issue behind the food addiction. It was to do with an emotional issue that I had faced with my father.
Post the session, over a period of two weeks my food cravings went down considerably. Now, 5 months later, I am no longer addicted.
My weight has gone down considerably and my self-esteem has gone up.
In a couple of other sessions with Anuja I could sort out few more emotional issues.
In one of the sessions I experienced a past life regression and it was quite overwhelming for me. This session helped me get rid of the phobia I had of heights and flying.
A mere Thank You here would be so small compared to the life changing sessions that I went through with Anuja.
And yet a heartfelt Thank you is what I can say to her for helping me get a new lease of life. This entire experience has been invaluable to me.

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