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When I look back at how I was and now how much I have changed it amazes me.
All it took was a chance meeting with Anuja in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India.
My life was a mess at that time. Jobless, and going through a nasty custody battle for my child, I was at my lowest point in life and depressed.
When I struck up a conversation with Anuja I realized her perspective of life in general was very unique.
I decided to come for sessions with her.
What followed next were nothing short of miracles. I could go through the separation with my then spouse peacefully, without reacting. I was in despair and yet I was calm.
Few weeks later I was diagnosed with the initial stages of cancer. Anuja referred a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Incredibly, some parts of the author’s life story matched mine. Another book she referred was Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. That book touched the core of my being. I realised that the cancer was just a symptom and there was much more happening beneath. The book gave me hope, showed me there were others like me out there and I felt encouraged to fight back.
I underwent long and rigorous sessions with Anuja during that time. She was very patient and thorough, and her energy was amazing.

A lot of emotional baggage was released in those sessions, including those of childhood abuse. My way of thinking changed, as also did my lifestyle.
It was the soul retrieval and inner child sessions, that brought about immense changes in me. I experienced many aha moments. As the sessions proceeded I was gradually able to open up to my friends and family and reach out for support. I was previously a very closed person.
During a repeat check-up, my doctor said there was no operation required as the cancer was contained.
In the months that followed, there were major changes in my life. I became cancer free and got a great job in a higher position, even though in my previous job I was overlooked for promotion for nearly 7 years. My ex-husband in the meantime faced some complications and soon I got the joint custody of my child. My child came to live with me. That day I got everything I wished for.
Today I feel so strong, free, grateful and happy when I look back, because, just as Anuja had showed me at that time, everything happened to teach me some lessons and lead me to a better place.

Sometimes when we are stuck, God sends angels our way. Mine was Anuja.
Bless you for everything. I couldn’t thank you enough. May you continue to change many more lives!

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