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May Durga Rise Within You!

These are the words that sprung up in my heart today morning, the morning of Vijaya Dashami when the Mother Vanquished Mahishasura, after nine days of intense warfare:   Born during the darkest of times from the blinding light of the three Greatest Gods, She is the perfect balance of opposites, no more no less. She shook with rage at the pl

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Are You Willing To Be Imperfect, Vulnerable, And Flawed?

She spoke of being raped, repeatedly, since she was a small child, by her own family members, right into her teenage years.   She spoke of how she suffered from a low self-esteem and how she unconsciously attracted bullies because of her low self-esteem in school and college. She spoke of how the bullying went on even after she started workin

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The Many Faces You Desperately Hide

Among your many faces, in the cover of darkness, that you hide, Buried somewhere beneath them, is your Light… Although its been many years now, I haven’t forgotten her shining face, and sparkling eyes as she spoke to a crowd of around a hundred and fifty odd people. My head was in a whirl. Her expression was not matching the horrifying word

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When Silence Pierces Through Your World

Deafening noise. That’s what I experienced when I first set out to practice silence. There was nowhere I could escape to. The din was in my head. Practicing silence or mindfulness in life, initially, can indeed get maddeningly noisy. It tears apart and rips all that you are not, to shreds; it tosses you around in the darkness, mocks at who you think

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