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Metaphor therapy is a blend of Buddhist philosophy, Colour psychology, Vedantic philosophy, and Jungian psychology.

This therapy aims to decode the hidden meanings, and in the process identify the core issues of a client, through art-work.

Our unconscious mind stores information in the form of images, visuals, and symbols. (Please see The Unconscious Mind & the Language of Symbols and Metaphors)
During our daily conversations, we often tend to speak in metaphors though we are unaware of it. This is due to the subtle influence of our unconscious minds.
Even while drawing, or painting, any particular scene from our imagination, we end up expressing that which lies deep within our unconscious mind, without being aware of it.
And so to the trained eye the drawing reveals one’s innermost troubling thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Metaphor Therapy thus is very effective, to bring out into the open, core hidden issues in an individual that he himself unaware of.

Image Credit: Nitya Daryanani

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