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EFT Master Karl Dawson created this incredibly powerful technique called Matrix Reimprinting in 2006, which combines EFT techniques with Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy, and principles of Quantum Physics.

This is quite a revolutionary technique, which is highly effective in enabling one to free himself of, a painful past, traumas, getting unstuck in life, limiting beliefs, and disturbing health conditions.

Conventional EFT and Inner Child Healing work takes out the emotional pain or trauma from a past event. Therefore, one is later able to recall the event without feeling any emotional disturbance.

Matrix Reimprinting goes one step further and reimprints the painful memories with empowering ones, apart from taking out the emotional pain.

This is necessary because whenever a child faces a trauma, a part of him freezes in time as he is not able to process the trauma, and remains stuck, much like a festering open wound, deep in the unconscious mind.

Many such “frozen” memories over the years keep accumulating. These frozen ‘Echoes,’ (as they are called in Matrix Reimprinting) having lost all sense of time, past and present, keep reliving that event again and again, in the unconscious mind. For them it is still happening in the present. This causes stress, emotional dysfunctions, sudden extreme reactions, and physical illnesses in our day-to-day lives.

Matrix Reimprinting:

• Unfreezes the frozen part
• Helps that part to process the emotion
• Clears the shock and the pain connected to the event
• Transforms and reimprints the event with new empowering events and beliefs, to create a compelling future
• By transforming the painful memories and pictures enables positively accelerates the law of attraction to attract mental, emotional, and physical well-being into life.

Matrix Reimprinting especially helps with issues such as:

• Abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional)
• Relationship break-ups and divorces
• Physical Illnesses, pains, and accidents
• Coping with trauma, loss, and grief
• Stress, due to overwork or difficult relationships
• Self-worth and self-esteem issues
• Sudden job loss
• Abundance and financial issues
• Fears and phobias
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