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(Before reading this section please see, Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, Jung’s Archetypes, Four Major Jungian Archetypes, and Some Major Archetypes.)

The Divine Child archetype of Jung, represents hope, new beginnings, transformations, and miracles. When we begin to listen to the promptings of our own inner child, we ourselves will be in awe of what we are capable of doing. However, when we do listen to our inner child and begin to chart a new path for ourselves, there will always be a certain amount of resistance, as the old ways of thinking always resist the new.
A perfect example of this is found in the stories of some of the major Divine Child archetypes of this world. Their births always met with resistance from powerful figures in their times.
Lord Krishna is one example of such a Divine Child. Born with divine gifts, and powers, His birth was seen as a threat by His uncle, the cruel King Kamsa. Kamsa was foretold by a heavenly voice, about a Divine child, who would be born to his sister and would become the reason for his death. Kamsa killed a number of babies born to his sister, before the birth of Lord Krishna in the hope that he would be alive, and continue for a long time as a ruler (read, continuation of the old ways of governance, and an old societal structure).
Jesus Christ, another powerful, divine figure, who was born miraculously, faced tremendous danger from the then ruler, King Herod. King Herod ordered the massacre of the innocents, so that his position as the king of the land would be safe (again, read old ways of thinking and governance resisting the new) from this newborn King of Jews, whose birth was prophesized by the Magi.
Allegorically, in a way, these stories can represent the many times we kill our inner child’s urgings of creativity and talent by ignoring them, suppressing them, or simply killing them, to follow the outside societal structures, values, norms and peer pressure.

Think back dear reader, of the many times you have killed a beautiful idea taking root in your mind right at its inception, by saying to yourself it will not work out, that you do not have the time, or you will look foolish.
The more we do that to ourselves the more dissatisfied, discontented and disconnected we feel, with, and from ourselves and everything around us.

The Divine Inner Child urges us to act upon the ideas of the still small voice within. This child inspires us to be creative, and tells us to lighten up, play, and enjoy what we do. Because, only then will we be able to express ourselves, and our potential fully. Carl Jung says, that the inner child “represents the strongest, the most ineluctable urge in every being, namely the urge to realize itself.” The inner child has the capacity to lead us to wholeness of being.

Few days back I came across a wonderful video of an already enlightened child, who had just witnessed a separation between her parents. The way this child speaks shows that she is already in touch with her Enlightened Child or Divine Child archetype, which leaves no scope for her to develop any shadow inner child (Orphan Child/Wounded Child). You can view the video here. (


Please see Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, Jung’s Archetypes, Four Major Jungian Archetypes, and Some Major Archetypes.

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