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The shadow inner children are energy patterns trapped and stuck in pockets of continuously replaying painful stories.
Inner Child Healing work releases these energy patterns, and also stops the continuous replay of the painful stories.
It provides the much-needed closure, or the ability to accept and move on where there is no scope for closure.
During the process of Inner Child Work a person often has to nimbly balance, negotiate, and make his way through a chaotic dance of archetypal energies.
This is because there are many other archetypes surrounding the child archetype, keeping the child trapped in the shadows. While doing this work the voices of the surrounding archetypal figures boom out loud and clear, which are more often than not, voices of the parents, or other adult figures who influenced the child and his situations.
Along with the interactions, the deepest fears and the firm beliefs the child formed, as a result of these interactions, come to the fore. What was earlier unconscious, now becomes conscious.

Most of us are not aware, but the tapes of these dramas continuously replay in our unconscious minds directing our actions every minute.
We are the ones, therefore, who create our lives the way it is, through our beliefs, habitual thought patterns and actions. And yet, many a time we blame fate if life does not go according to the way we desire.
Through Inner Child Work, therefore, an individual becomes aware of the constantly replaying drama within, of the voices, the arguments in his head, and the storylines that drains his energies and keeps him stuck in any area of life. He sees the origins of constantly recurring patterns in his life.

Inner Child Work also brings up the stories he created and told himself of the pleasure and pain he experienced as a child. He begins to see clearly how his present is a result of the patterns he adopted as a child and which are now governing his life. With this awareness he can ‘uncreate’ and ‘de-story’ the unhealthy stories, which in turn gives birth to an objective viewpoint of the earlier so-called ‘painful’ situations.
At this stage the individual experiences an immense sense of freedom and empowerment. Deep insights emerge as age-old patterns and layers fall off and the inner child finally is freed. This child begins to feel loved, understood, accepted, and therefore, now can finally move ahead in life.
An individual who frees his inner child sees dramatic results ensue in his life, primarily because now the inner child has resumed his original glory, of being a Magical Child, a Divine Child, or a Nature Child.
The energy of the inner child makes this individual’s senses come alive once more with child-like wonder. The adventurous and playful spirit reappears once again in his life.

This individual with a now freed inner child will become more open to taking risks, while being highly creative. His entire lifestyle begins to exude a vibrancy, which was not seen earlier. Signs of the freed and enlightened inner child are spontaneity, a sense of exploring, a rejuvenated sense of being, feeling at one with nature, a need to take a vacation, loving the alone time with oneself, feeling the need for self-care, doing things one loves, and performing everyday tasks with a feeling of happiness, without the usual sense of boredom.
The inner child can lead us to bloom into wholeness once more, and achieve fulfillment. Life finally becomes the story the way this wise child, through us, wants told.
As we grow older each passing year, and perhaps frail, it is this inner child within us that seeds each new day with the wonder, vitality and vibrancy, which we were born with.
It is interesting to see how we circle back to where we started from, the beginning stages of our life, again and again, through this work, and yet come up with new insights and wonders each time. But then, life itself is such a cycle, whether it be the seasons, the nights and days, or the cycle of birth, growth and death, we keep going back to where we started from.

I am reminded here of William Wordsworth’s poem, “ My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold”

My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:

So was it when my life began;

So is it now I am a man;

So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die!

The Child is father of the Man;

I could wish my days to be

Bound each to each by natural piety.


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