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Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy that uses hypnosis to transform unwanted behavioural, physical, and psychological conditions.

It is a process of un -hypnotizing ourselves from old beliefs and mental-conditionings which do not serve our progress in life anymore. That is how transformation occurs.

Sounds surprising? Well, that’s what it is.
As the proverb goes, “diamonds cut diamonds”, similarly, hypnotherapy is the process of undoing any negative hypnosis we underwent as children.
Unbeknownst to them, all children undergo hypnosis. Picture this- a mother tells her child repeatedly “ You can’t do a single thing correctly!”
Another mother saying, “ Our neighbour’s son scored 90% in the exam. You got only 70%. Could you not do any better?”
A father continuously dismissing his child who is demanding his attention by saying, “I am busy can’t you see? Stop disturbing!”
A teacher telling a child in a classroom, “At this rate you will not amount to anything!”

Years later you have a child growing up unsure about himself, believing, “I can never get it right”, or another constantly comparing himself to his peers, feeling utterly worthless and believing, “I am not good enough”, or another growing up thinking he is not important, and believing, “I do not matter” and yet another thinking, “I will never amount to anything in life!”.

The above examples show specific instances of parent figures as the influence. In day-to-day life, however, a child has too many people around influencing him continuously. These people project their ideas, inadequacies, feelings, both positive and negative, onto the child. These oft-repeated statements, behaviours, actions, and interactions with the child start moulding the child’s thought processes and feelings. The child begins to form opinions about himself and accordingly his personality begins to shape. He learns to respond, or react to situations based on what he observes his elders doing around him.

Seldom do we realize, that, what we are today is the product of beliefs we formed due to the repeated hypnosis we unconsciously underwent at the hands of our parents, teachers, elders, and situations surrounding us in our childhood.
What I am driving at is that hypnosis begins at a very early age in our lives. (See Brain Waves in Children) A child whose mind is a clean slate looks up intently at an elder, who gazes back directly into the child’s eyes and says, “ You seem to be very good at this.” or “ You will never amount to anything at this rate.”
And so the writing on the blank slate begins. The child’s brain starts getting wired as the words enter deep into his unconscious mind.
Since the little child is new to this world, he does not know who he is. He starts by looking for answers outside. Answers to the question, ‘Who am I?’
When a grown-up, who looks so big and experienced comes along and tells the child “ you are this/that…and should behave in this/that manner…” the child latches onto this bit of identity or label provided by the grown-up. Ironically, the bits and pieces of identities and labels come from grown-ups who themselves are not aware of who they are! And they too in turn had received it from their elders.

Bit-by-bit as the child gathers information from the external world, his personality gets moulded. The moulding process of the personality largely depends on the habitual thinking, mental conditioning, and beliefs of the child.

As can be deduced from the above examples, not all the hypnosis a child undergoes is positive. For, though well-meaning, parents and elders sometimes do not realize, how deeply children, with their childish mind, at times misinterpret the thoughts, words, and actions of the elders and subconsciously draw negative conclusions about themselves.

There are also some out-and-out unacceptable behaviours people indulge in with children, such as, child abuse and molestation, which harms the psyche of the child. These behaviours deeply scar the tender mind of a child.
Often people who have been abused as children suffer from tremendously low self-esteem. These cases require early therapeutic and counselling interventions.
During their growing years, many a time, children do not get to hear what they need to hear from the grown-ups. Words of understanding, love, and encouragement… What they get are sentences seemingly judgemental. And, judgemental is how they grow up to be, of themselves, others, and situations. Hypnotherapy helps to speedily dispose off the unhealthy old beliefs, judgements, behavioural patterns, and mental conditionings that keep one stuck in life, and many a time also cause psychosomatic illnesses due to stress.

This process helps wipe the slate clean once more to look at oneself, people, and situations, from a fresh perspective, not through the old coloured judgemental glasses handed down during childhood, by other people.

Suddenly, choices, which were unseen before, begin to present themselves. Fresh perspectives emerge which in itself is highly therapeutic.
External situations begin to change or so it seems, for once the individual transforms himself, his reactions to situations around him begin to change. The degree of emotional intensity with which he reacted earlier, to various situations, undergoes a sudden significant change. This in turn affects the external situations, which change drastically.

Hence, hypnotherapy helps one to get out of the victim mode, and the blame game mode. The person gains a fresh perspective of life which helps him to develop a mature outlook. He stops looking at the problem from the same level at which it was created.

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