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What happens during the process of hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a process, which begins with induction.


During induction, the environment is made suitable for the client to be able to relax and enter a heightened state of awareness, which is trance-like. Awareness is a key word here. Visualization techniques are often used to heighten the trance state.
Many people fear and assume that once they enter the trance-like state they will lose control of themselves, and be under the control of the therapist, which is a highly erroneous idea.


Hypnotherapy, infact, is a process, which passes the control from the client’s own conscious mind to his own subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. In doing so, this process empowers the client by heightening his awareness of himself. Therefore, hypnotherapy in a way puts the responsibility of healing oneself back to where it actually belongs – the client.
[There is a section of people who believe they cannot be hypnotized. This happens when there is tremendous mental resistance in an individual. Whenever there is mental resistance, the conscious mind is highly active, and so the subject is unable to relax and enter the hypnotic state. Else, any one can enter the hypnotic state, if they choose to give themselves the permission to relax and undergo the therapy.]
The subconscious mind and unconscious mind are the two parts of the mind, which are the storehouses of all our memories, experiences, connected sensations and emotions, behavioral traits, and reactions.
When the conscious mind hands over control to the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind, they, in turn become open to providing answers and receiving suggestions.


Long forgotten memories surface as the unconscious mind pushes them up to the conscious mind of the client. Along with these memories, the root causes for many of the client’s core issues in life surface. And from here healing begins.

As Carl Jung so aptly says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
Hypnotherapy helps to unearth the warped, stressful mental programs that are running in the mind, which causes anxiety, stress and disorders. Once the sabotaging mental programs are recognized, they can be deconstructed, and new empowering mental programs can be introduced to run in the unconscious mind. This will bring about an altered way of thinking, resulting in productive behaviours.
Under hypnosis the client receives clarity regarding why he faces (a) certain issue(s) in life. The disturbing, repeating patterns, and strings of associated experiences in life become clear.
More often than not, under hypnosis the client is surprised at how much his feeling choiceless and powerless impacts his life, when exactly the opposite of it is true all along.
The power lay with him throughout.

When the strings of associations become clear, suddenly the whole structure of sabotaging beliefs, wrong assumptions, and negative mental conditionings come crashing down.


Finally, the hypnotherapist, who acts as a facilitator in this entire process, helps the client to reframe the past. Reframing is transforming the point of view on a given situation to give it a more positive and beneficial meaning. A very common example is the story of the ugly duckling.
In the context of ducks the duckling seemed ugly. When the frame of the ducks was removed and swans introduced, suddenly the once ugly duckling became one of the most beautiful and graceful birds ever known.
With reframing dramatic results can ensue in a client’s life!
Patterns break. Habits change. Acceptance comes into situations where there was none, and external situations take a complete hundred-and-eighty degree turn.
The real persona of the client begins to emerge, finally free, from all the past negative conditionings.

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