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So what is Past Life Regression Therapy? Is it a parlour trick, or some mystical mumbo-jumbo?

This is one of the most debated topics in the field of psychology and healing, and one, which cannot be ignored.
Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, and Carol Bowman have documented in their books some groundbreaking cases in this field.

From a religious perspective, many indigenous religions believe in past lives, while some other religions will have none of it. But, what is interesting is that the cases of past lives have emerged from people of various cultures, languages, and races, irrespective of what their religious or spiritual beliefs are.
Here, my endeavor as a therapist is not to prove whether past lives exist or not, rather, my focus is on the result it achieves for a particular person.

At Breakthrough we have had wonderful results with Past Life Regression Therapy, though, what I do recommend is, while coming for consultation, people should not specifically have only past life regression therapy in mind.
For, while working on an issue, when the regression to a past life occurs naturally, in the course of the therapy, the results are often astounding.


Sometimes after the conclusion of a past life regression session, the subjects end up feeling a little confused. They wonder if the scenes they witnessed under hypnosis did actually happen, in another time period, or was it all a vivid imagination of their minds.
An explanation of the scenes they vividly witnessed could definitely be that their unconscious mind was speaking the language of metaphors, or symbols, in other words the archetypal language.
The unconscious mind does speak through the language of metaphors and symbols after all.

Therefore, it is possible that this rich experience could be the unconscious mind’s way of depicting through metaphors and symbols the current sabotaging patterns in the life of an individual. And very often hidden amidst the metaphors and symbols are the solutions and insights to change that recurring disturbing pattern.


The idea of the past lives being metaphors related above, can further be connected to the Archetype concept of Carl Jung. The past life may be a metaphorical representation of an archetypal image, or pattern, which is currently influencing the individual’s thought patterns and behaviours. Infact, there are many cases where quite a few people have claimed to be the same person in history.

For example, many people have claimed to be Joan of Arc. It could mean that at that point of time, in their life, they are most influenced by the Hero archetypal aspect, as depicted by Joan of Arc, or her Warrior archetypal aspect. The qualities of the Hero or the Warrior is what they need the most, for some reason, at that point of time in their lives and their unconscious mind is tapping into the imprint of that particular archetype to download those qualities. In other words, their minds have tapped into the common library of the collective unconscious.

At the basis of this concept lies the premise that the collective unconscious mind of the entire human race is the same, and anybody can tap into any archetype. That is, provided their unconscious mind decides they need to tap into a particular archetype and its qualities, and express it in life.

In past life regression sessions people undergo an extremely rich sensory experience, in that, their unconscious minds engage their senses in a very heightened way.

Therefore the physical responses to this rich sensory experience are also equally intense.

In a way, these physical responses promote healing as a person can release a lot of unnecessary emotional baggage, and replace old disempowering beliefs with new empowering beliefs.

A particular metaphysical short story, which struck me as very profound, is The Egg written by Andy Weir, author of the novel The Martian. There is mention of reincarnation in this story and despite the debate that rages on about past life theory, this story has a very interesting take on the subject, apart from providing profound spiritual insight.


Having mentioned that the scenes seen by people during a Past Life Regression Therapy session can be metaphorical representations or archetypes, there are also many cases of past life sessions where people have reported with stunning accuracy, details of their said past incarnations, which were later verified to be true. Most of these cases were of normal day-to-day people, with the subjects undergoing the regression having no way of possessing knowledge of such minute and intimate details about the people appearing in their past life regression session.

Here are some interesting cases of reincarnation:




A gripping book on this subject is, “Only Love is Real”, by Dr. Brian Weiss.

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