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What is the Difference Between Hypnosis & Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the suggestible state of mind and clinical hypnotherapy is the process of inducing hypnosis and using non-invasive skills to discover the source of disturbing behaviors or unresolved issues.
Hypnosis by itself can be used for a variety of purposes. Since many years, starting with charlatans, to investigative police, to sports performers, respected academics and medical care specialists, hypnosis has been studied and used to achieve different ends. For example, forensic hypnosis can be used as an aid to police investigations in crimes. Sports hypnosis can be used to enhance the performance of athletes as can be seen here.
Then there is stage hypnosis, which is performed for pure entertainment purposes. A relatively lesser-known area in the field of hypnosis is musical hypnosis. Music is known to have such a hypnotic effect on the mind that it has the power to change the brain wiring! Infact, music therapy is emerging as one of the niche occupations today.
Hypnosis practiced under clinical hypnotherapy, as stated out the outset, is purely used for therapy and healing purposes.
The roots of the issues people face are often embedded so deep in the unconscious that only hypnotherapy, and not plain hypnosis, can be used to unearth and resolve them.
Hypnosis during hypnotherapy induces a trance–like relaxed, mindful state, which is comparable to the peaceful trance state one reaches during deep meditation (the theta state).
This is what helps bring awareness and alertness in a person leading to changes and growth in life.

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