Hypnotherapy is about letting the control move from your own conscious mind to your own sub-conscious mind and unconscious mind. The control never rests with the therapist. The hypnotherapist is just a facilitator. Therefore, while undergoing hypnotherapy nobody can make you do anything that is against your morals and ethics.

Hypnosis can occur only when a person allows himself/herself to relax and be hypnotized.

If anything, hypnotherapy makes one highly alert and aware of oneself. Therefore, during the session you are even more alert and aware than usual. Please keep in mind that hypnotherapy works only when you are relaxed, and highly aware and open, because, only then, will you be able to see the situations of your life objectively, break negative associations where needed, and form new empowering beliefs that facilitate your own healing. Even the therapists require the client to be highly aware and open. Only then will you be able to facilitate your own healing.

At the end of the day, the hypnosis you undergo during hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis. Only you can control how much you want to receive during the process to facilitate change in your life.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis combined with therapeutic intervention. When used according to the proven therapeutic procedures, it is a highly effective alternative form of treatment for emotional, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. The important thing to remember here is that you must be fully committed to the process and be able to trust the therapist you work with. Also, an open mind is required, because, any skepticism will subconsciously dampen your susceptibility to being hypnotized. Skepticism will make you restless instead of relaxed, and block your efforts to healing.

The more passionate, or even for that matter desperate, one is for healing, the better the results.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis combined with therapeutic intervention. When used according to the proven therapeutic procedures, it is a highly effective, alternative form of treatment, for emotional, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. At the end of the day, it is your mind that makes your physical situation pleasant or worse. (Please see Sessions for Physical Issues.)

Hypnotherapy works with the mind and infuses it with the power of positive suggestions. That itself brings about tremendous, empowering, and positive changes to life, helping you to cope better with your illness. And, a healthy mind automatically begets a healthy body.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective when used in tandem with the regular form of treatment, or even when used independently after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Even magic and miracles take a little time. It depends on how much you are willing to allow yourself to open up. Years of mental and behavioural conditioning shape our personalities…shape us into how we are today. Also, it takes years of stress to accumulate in our bodies and finally, show up as dis-eases. ( Please see Sessions for Physical Issues and What is Hypnotherapy?)
There are many nooks and corners in our minds, which we do not look into because they are filled with unpleasant emotions, and sabotaging beliefs, which cause tremendous stress.The emotional garbage keeps piling up, and simultaneously, the stress we face in every aspect of life increases. Over the years, we form defense mechanisms against looking within, into our own selves.
Therefore, when a person undergoes hypnotherapy, systematic peeling off of the emotional garbage takes place. This usually removes the root cause of any emotional or physical problem. It all can be pretty swift depending on the person’s willingness to be open to the process, or can take some time if he/she is resistant. The rate at which change/healing occurs varies from person to person.

At the end of the day, change takes as long as it takes, though yes, most of the time it happens very swiftly with hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy gives the unconscious mind that little nudge that is required and the message goes in loud and clear, “Change now!”
And sometimes the results are to be seen, to be believed!

In answer to this question what if I tell you, that everyday you slip in and out of hypnotic states without realizing it? When you are driving, daydreaming, listening to music, watching T.V., or when you are about to fall asleep and yet are not fully awake, these are states of trance. These are times when the conscious mind is in a state of rest, almost inactive, and the sub-conscious mind becomes hyper-suggestible and open to giving and receiving information.

Interestingly, these are the times when most creative ideas also come to the human mind. You can shake yourself out of these trance-like states easily when you want to, isn’t it? It’s the same with hypnosis.
You can choose to come out of hypnosis any time during the session; it’s your call. Though, it is advisable not to. It is as easy as snapping out of a daydream, a more vivid one than usual at that.

If you do not get hypnotized it is usually due to too much thinking, which interferes with the ability of the mind and body to relax. It shows fear, uncertainty, and the need for the conscious mind to be in complete control. The conscious mind needs to relax so that contact can be made with the sub-conscious mind and the unconscious mind. It is faulty programming in the unconscious mind that needs to be changed with the help of empowering positive suggestions.
Some people can get into the deep trance state very easily. However, even when people enter light trance states they can experience effective changes mentally and emotionally.

People who are geniuses, who are very intelligent and creative, are often highly suggestible, because their conscious minds are in tune with their subconscious and unconscious minds. All the three layers of the mind work in harmony.
It is people who are below the average intelligence levels that find it difficult to get hypnotized.
The awareness levels of geniuses are more heightened. Their brain is often in the alpha level. And therefore, they are easily able to tap into their unconscious minds for the creative ideas, and are able to transform those ideas into reality with passion.

People usually feel drowsy, experience slower and deep breathing, and a deep sense of relaxation. Some people also mention ‘feeling light’, or experiencng the feeling of ‘floating’. All these are signs of being under hypnosis.

Please read about the Process of Hypnotherapy.
When in a state of trance you will be completely relaxed, and you will be highly aware of the sounds around you. You can even hear a pin drop for that matter – that is what surprises most people. This is actually the natural state for anyone. It is because our minds are noisy, that frequently we are not aware of the sights and sounds around us. Even today, if you observe, people who live in communion with nature ( especially some hill tribes) have a much better sense of hearing and an all-round heightened awareness, than people who live stressful lives in huge overpopulated cities.

When some people are hypnotized they go into the deep trance state and may experience a state of euphoria. If it is a past life regression session the sights and sounds are very vivid and the emotional reactions and sensations are felt physically.
On the contrary, if a client experiences light trance he/she might end up confused as to whether he/she was hypnotized or not. It really does not matter whether the client feels he/she was hypnotized, or whether he/she went into a state of “deep” trance, or not. What is important is whether he/she was focusing on the hypnosis session.

A few factors that stand out during any hypnotherapy session is, a client’s:

– ability to recollect vividly, memories of early childhood

– ability to visualize in great detail, and vividly

– immense creativity which is at its peak in this state

– ability to gain an objective view of any difficult situation he/she might be facing

– receptivity of and responsiveness to empowering and positive suggestions, which enable him/her to
change the sabotaging beliefs in the unconscious mind, and thereby transform the faulty behaviour(s)

Well, no. You won’t. You get to keep all your secrets. As already mentioned, you will be in a state of heightened awareness, therefore you will be more aware of what information you want to or do not want to divulge.

Absolutely not. Hypnotherapy in no way is a substitute for medical treatment or even medical diagnosis. It can be used in tandem with medical treatment for purposes of de-stressing the mind and enhancing the ability to cope with any situation. Most of the time cognitive counselling helps in stressful situations in daily life.
It is when a repeated thinking pattern and resulting behavioural pattern sabotages or impedes any aspect of life, or growth in life, that hypnotherapy and its related tools can come in handy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe tool and appropriate for almost everyone.
There is some debate, though, over using hypnotherapy for people who suffer from epilepsy or schizophrenia. Other than that, this is a highly effective mental tool for anyone.

The conscious mind is the tool which accepts and conveys suggestions to the unconscious mind as a belief. In hypnotherapy, since the conscious mind is at rest and the suggestions are directly conveyed to the unconscious mind, the unconscious mind accepts these as beliefs, effectively replacing the old sabotaging beliefs.
You cannot reject the empowering beliefs suggested during hypnotherapy.
This is the reason hypnotherapy is so effective.

No it will not. Your conscious mind will resist and refuse to relax, effectively barring the sub-conscious mind from taking in any suggestions.

Self-hypnosis is a process in which you can enter the hypnotic state on your own. It is a process taught by every hypnotherapist to a client.

While practicing self-hypnosis you can enter a state of self-relaxation and gently give suggestions to your own unconscious mind.
Practicing self-hypnosis facilitates the continuation of healthy transformations in belief systems, thinking processes, attitudes, feelings, and behaviours. It enables you to achieve your goals speedily.

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