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When we are physically weak, our immune system too naturally becomes weak and we become susceptible to attack by various germs and viruses.

Signs of low immune function include frequent colds, frequent allergies, chronic infections, and cancer.

Our immune system is an assemblage of interdependent cell types that jointly protect our bodies from fungal, bacterial, parasitic, or viral infections and growths.

Depressed immune responses can develop due to a variety of factors, such as, emotional stress, mental anxiety, chronic worrying, physical stress such as overwork and sleeplessness, bad dietary habits, substance abuse, etc.

What few of us realize is that apart from the physical immune system of our body, we also have an energetic immune system, which in normal parlance is known as the aura. And, the variety of factors that make the immune system weak are the same factors which make the aura, our energy shield, weak.

Our aura is the sheath, which protects our energetic body from any form of external intrusions, which may influence our minds, our thoughts, our will power, our feelings and emotions, and thereby our decisions, actions and physical health.


Every being in this world is made up of energy. Just as no two person’s fingerprints are the same, no two being’s energy prints are the same.

Infact, our physical bodies are sustained by this energy, which flows through every being, but vibrates at a different frequency through each being.

The human body infact is a vessel of many layers through which this all-pervasive and knowing energy can experience a physical life on earth. Our very essence is nothing but energy.

This energy is known by different names across the world.
In India it is called Prana, in China it is called Chi, in Polynesia it is called Mana, and in Japan it is called Ki.

The various layers that together form a human being are:

    • The Physical / Gross Body

    • The Energy / Vital Body

    • The Emotional / Astral Body

    • The Thought / Mental Body

    • The Causal / Soul

The human aura is a layer of energy, which interconnects all the subtle energy bodies and acts as a shield for all of them.

We are all born whole, however, as we grow up and face certain unpleasant experiences in life, our energies get depleted.

Many a time, we hold onto traumatic emotions and do not process and release them. For example, emotions connected to any form of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, or emotions connected to the loss of a loved one, or break-ups, or any form of failure. Usually, these experiences evoke feelings of despair, helplessness, frustration, anger, rage, and depression.

These emotions lower our energy vibration. They are like weights we carry unknowingly, which keep growing, and gradually in time overburden us. Even substance abuse in any form (for e.g., alcohol, drug addiction etc.) lowers our energies to such an extent, that we go around in a daze, almost unfeelingly, primarily because we want to escape our disturbed emotions, and not feel them. We try to bury them alive.

But emotions when buried alive do not die. They fester.

An E-motion is energy-in-motion. It is meant to flow, and not remain stuck in one place.

However, since most of the time we do not process and release the emotions connected to traumas or abuse, these emotions cause tears in our auric fields.

Some tears are minor and some major.

These traumatic emotions not only deplete our energy, they also lower our energy vibration. Further, they can cause Soul Loss or Soul Fragmentation.

Emotions such as despair, helplessness, frustration, anger, rage, and depression are of a lower vibratory field. They emit disturbing frequencies from our aura.

And just as we tune into a certain frequency to listen to a particular radio channel or TV channel, our individual energy fields vibrate in a certain frequency, which automatically tunes into, and attracts energies of a similar vibration into our field.

As the well-known quote goes, “birds of a feather, flock together.”

If our energy is high, beings of higher energy will be attracted to us.

On the other hand if our energy vibrates at a lower frequency, beings of a lower frequency get attracted to us.

Our disturbed frame of mind can attract to us people who are disturbed, situations which are disturbing, and external energies, and entities, often of people who have passed on which are disturbing.

It is not for nothing that it is said, “A man is known by the company he keeps.”
That does not mean just physical companions, it also means the kind of thoughts and emotions that you allow to keep you company.

Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder and originator of Pranic Healing says, “Do not meditate too much on those who hurt you or aggravate you. What you meditate on, you become! Meditate on the Guru and the Higher Beings”

Too much of negative thinking and negative emotions tears the aura shield which protects us, as already mentioned above. And it is through these tears that external energies enter into an individual’s auric field and make nests for themselves. As they make their home in his auric field, they simultaneously feed on his energy and deplete it. They feed on his vital life force.

It doesn’t stop there. Their strongest emotions, which are usually depressing and disturbing, permeate right through the individual’s thought body, emotional body, energy body, and finally the physical body.

Children have auras, which are open because they are trusting and innocent. They are therefore vulnerable to any kind of negativity from people around them and also to external negative entities.


External energies can also mean external thought-forms.

Thoughts have energy and each thought has a vibration. When we think certain thoughts repeatedly, they produce certain emotions, which in turn charges the thoughts more. So the next time the same thought occurs the emotions related to the thought will easily course through our body, unlike the first few times when there was a considerable gap between the thought and the emotions which later gathered around it.

Thoughts are constant threads of energies coursing through the world. And we humans constantly keep emitting them. Once the thought forms are let out they keep circling around us within our aura, and if we get mentally busy, or our emotional state changes and does not match the frequency of the thoughts anymore, the thoughts seek out other beings of similar emotional vibration and enter into them. If the thought forms do not find any other being of a similar vibration who can host them, they die after sometime, as they have nobody to feed them energy and keep them alive.

An interesting story that I was told as a child, was that of Lord Rama walking in the jungle during his period of exile along with His brother Lakshmana.

When they were crossing a particular patch, Lakshmana suddenly threw down his bow in desperation and cried out, “I don’t know why I left all the comforts of the palace and followed you into this jungle! Being a prince I am wandering about with you like a beggar. Why did I do this?”

Rama did not react and quietly went on His way. Seeing that his elder brother was unresponsive, Lakshmana grumblingly, picked up his bow again and followed Him. After crossing that particular patch Lakshmana suddenly realized his mistake and fell at his brother’s feet crying, “ Brother, I do not know what came over me! I do not know why I said that. I never think that way, I do not what got into me. I did not mean what I said! Please forgive me!”

Lord Rama, smilingly lifted Lakshmana up and told him, “ I know you did not mean it. The patch of jungle that we just crossed, at one time in the past, was home to a fierce demon, who was constantly filled with thoughts of anger, violence, and discontentment. So, O’ Lakshmana, when you were crossing that patch, since your mind was already troubled by all that we are going through in this exile, and you were angry, the demon’s thoughts finding your thoughts a match entered your head for a few minutes. As soon, as we crossed the patch, you came to your senses, for you realized that is not your usual thinking pattern. The moment you became aware, the thoughts had to leave you. They were never yours in the first place.”

This story in a way depicts how other people’s thought forms affect our thinking, especially, when we ourselves are in a disturbed mood, or our minds are vacant. Disturbed emotions punch holes into our aura, and since we are so caught up with the emotions trying to fight or resist them, these thought forms quietly sneak in.

Charles. W. Leadbeater an author on occult subjects, and who was an influential member of the well-known Theosophical Society, along with Dr. Annie Besant authored quite a few books, which have detailed references to thought forms. Below is an extract written by him on thought-forms, the book’s title being “Thought Forms.”

“This thought-form may not inaptly be compared to a Leyden jar, the coating of living essence being symbolised by the jar, and the thought energy by the charge of electricity. If the man’s thought or feeling is directly connected with someone else, the resultant thought-form moves towards that person and discharges itself upon his astral and mental bodies. If the man’s thought is about himself, or is based upon a personal feeling, as the vast majority of thoughts are, it hovers round its creator and is always ready to react upon him whenever he is for a moment in a passive condition. For example, a man who yields himself to thoughts of impurity may forget all about them while he is engaged in the daily routine of his business, even though the resultant forms are hanging round him in a heavy cloud, because his attention is otherwise directed and his astral body is therefore not impressible by any other rate of vibration than its own.

When, however, the marked vibration slackens and the man rests after his labours and leaves his mind blank as regards definite thought, he is very likely to feel the vibration of impurity stealing insidiously upon him. If the consciousness of the man be to any extent awakened, he may perceive this and cry out that he is being tempted by the devil; yet the truth is that the temptation is from without only in appearance, since it is nothing but the natural reaction upon him of his own thought-forms.

Each man travels through space enclosed within a cage of his own building, surrounded by a mass of the forms created by his habitual thoughts. Through this medium he looks out upon the world, and naturally he sees everything tinged with its predominant colours, and all rates of vibration, which reach him from without, are more or less modified by its rate. Thus until the man learns complete control of thought and feeling, he sees nothing as it really is, since all his observations must be made through this medium, which distorts and colours everything like badly-made glass.

If the thought-form be neither definitely personal nor specially aimed at someone else, it simply floats detached in the atmosphere, all the time radiating vibrations similar to those originally sent forth by its creator. If it does not come into contact with any other mental body, this radiation gradually exhausts its store of energy, and in that case the form falls to pieces; but if it succeeds in awakening sympathetic vibration in any mental body near at hand, an attraction is set up, and the thought-form is usually absorbed by that mental body.”

A good thumb rule is never to believe all your thoughts.
As Buddha says, “Your worst enemy cannot harm you, as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”


Energy Vampires need a special mention here, for vampires definitely exist, just, not in the way Hollywood portrays them.

The vampires that walk amongst us are the energy vampires and, no, they do not have fangs, but hooks. With the help of these hooks they drain out, not your blood, but your vital life giving energy itself.

Once, these energy vampires manage to get their hooks into you, you will find yourself suffering from a general lack of motivation and energy, a feeling of being continuously tired around them, a feeling of not doing enough for them no matter how hard you try, general debility, and an overall sense of weakness, insecurity and fear around them.
Energy vampires are highly negative people, who can range from being malicious, or obnoxious to appearing friendly and charming.
Inwardly they are highly discontented people, and usually very unhappy.

Patterns of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires have certain patterns.

• Some energy vampires continuously seek to make you feel guilty. They are highly manipulative and use shame as a weapon against you.

• Some energy vampires continuously need your pity and sympathy, so much that it leaves you drained, because you continuously have to listen to their ‘poor me’ stories. They usually whine and complain a lot.

• There is another interesting kind of energy vampire who will seek to make you jealous. That way, this energy vampire subtly diverts your energy towards himself/herself. And this is precious energy, which you could use towards achieving your goals or bettering your own skills.

• Then there is also the energy vampire who is continuously jealous and can never feel genuinely happy about anyone else’s happiness. He is highly discouraging and de-motivating.

• There is also the continuously insecure energy vampire who likes to spread his/her insecurity around so as to pull down the energy levels of the people around him/her, thereby, simultaneously pulling down their self-esteem and confidence.

• Some other energy vampires on the other hand act aloof and indifferent (for instance a coworker acts aloof when you get promotion or appreciation for your work) because, by doing that they are effectively cutting off the flow of energy, for it is they who want to control the energy around them, including yours. It is they who seek all the attention. This will affect you if you are the kind of person who seeks appreciation from everyone outside, and measure your self-worth against the amount of appreciation you receive from people around you.

• Then there is the classic drama king/queen energy vampire who loves turning any situation into a drama, for through his/her dramas he/she gets the attention he/she hankers for.

• People who intimidate, who try to control others through fear are also energy vampires. They thrive on fear, for then they have complete control of people’s lives, thereby fully controlling these people’s energy by sucking it all out.

Energy vampires usually go for people who are emotionally vulnerable and weak, or people who are highly empathetic. Since their auric shield is weak, or open, it is easier to siphon off energy from them.

The effect of energy vampires is such that, even when they are not physically in your vicinity, thoughts about them will still disturb you mentally. Infact, sometimes they mentally haunt you. That is because their hooks are already firmly stuck in the holes of your auric field from where they keep drawing your energy.

Interestingly, some people are highly attached to energy vampires. Even though they suffer in the company of the vampires, they are not willing to release them from their lives. An example can be that of a woman who continuously faces domestic violence at the hands of her spouse, but is unwilling to get out of the relationship.

There are also cases where both the parties are energy vampires and are engaged in a warped, mutually draining unhealthy relationship, for they feel insecure without each other.
Since they are emotionally vulnerable and weak, they feel they need the support of the hooks filling their auric tear to keep them standing. Nothing can be more wrong.

Here, the people clinging onto the energy vampire need to understand that self-esteem, self-appreciation and love can never come from an outside source. Try as they might, it can never fill them up. Infact, being dependent on the outside world to give them value and show them their worth, will leave them drained and starving.

Also, sometimes people stay on with an energy vampire and become his/her punching bag willingly, thinking they are helping the person.

In this kind of a scenario, nobody is helping anybody. The victim continues to bleed emotionally and the energy vampire continues to drain off the energy. Here, the victim is actually causing more harm, because in this way the energy vampire will never learn to be self-empowered, and will never be strong and confident.

The easiest way to tackle an energy vampire is to create boundaries with him/her, or to simply cut off all communications with him/her.

Infact, mere separation can bring about dramatic positive results in the victim of an energy vampire. Besides, in this way the person is doing the energy vampire a huge favour. He/she is teaching the energy vampire self-empowerment.


The physical human body encases the etheric body or the soul. After the demise of the physical body the soul leaves the physical realm to continue on its journey.

However, sometimes some souls, unwilling to leave the earth, due to a variety of reasons choose not to continue with their journey. They remain stuck on earth as either whole souls or as soul fragments.

These earthbound souls or soul fragments attach themselves to the energy field (aura) of human beings who match their emotional state or vibration. They usually enter the energy body of a human being through the auric tears.

The human beings who have auric tears are usually in weak emotional states, for they suffer from a loss of personal power. One loses personal power when he indulges in substance abuse, or harbours emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, helplessness.

Once the spirits / entities enter the energy body, they gradually gain control of the human host’s thoughts, and emotions.
These entities drain energy from a human being, though the human being himself is unaware. They pass on their negative emotions and fears onto the human host, so that the human host now begins to feel negative emotions in a much more heightened way. At times the human host also develops symptoms of the attached spirit or entity’s physical issues, which the entity had faced when it was still in its human body.

These entities then try to live out the life they wanted on earth by feeding on the energy of the human being they attach themselves to. They release their emotions through this new human host.

The reasons for the soul or soul fragment not to continue on its journey after the death of the physical body can be, too much attachment to the earthly life, attachment to its earthly family members, or feelings of anger, revenge, fear of the journey forward, confusion, or the fact that the entity is simply unaware that its physical body is no more.


Some common symptoms or signs of spirit/entity possession are feeling unreasonable and intense hatred, fear, anger, having suicidal thoughts, the feeling that his/her life is being controlled by something outside of himself/herself, self-sabotaging behaviour, depression, mood swings, waking up feeling very tired even though he/she slept well throughout the night, no clarity of thought, and emotional and mental instability.

Over time as the individual carries around the spirit in his auric field, he, without realizing becomes dependent on the spirit, because he feels he has somebody to ‘support’ him.

Usually, the initial response when people become aware of entity attachments on their aura is fear. Once these possessed people cross the stage of fear, it is interesting to note how are reluctant they become to let the entities go because they feel ‘safe’ with the entity around, or they feel ‘looked after’, or ‘supported’. So over time it is not only the entity or spirit who keeps hanging onto a person, but even the person is not willing to let go of it. That is because the person begins to feel less responsible for his own actions and he feels supported by the entity’s presence even though the entity is draining off his life force. This way he does not have to account for his actions or face his own fears.

He has ‘someone’ with him and he is not alone, even though that someone is a huge weight to carry.

However, there is an important lesson in all of this. Nothing happens or comes into anyone’s life without reason.

So even an entity or spirit attachment happens to teach a person more about himself.

For, the entities were first of all drawn to a person because his emotional vibration matched theirs. They, in a way, are reflecting the person’s deepest fears back to him. They are making him aware of his shadows. Seen in this light these entity attachments are again pointing a person back to himself.

The questions they force one to ask are, “Do I love and appreciate myself? Do I know my self-worth? Do I trust myself? Am I compassionate with myself and am I grateful?“
Once the person realizes the value of these questions the attachments automatically drop off, for awareness arises.


Spirits or entities thus can be released from oneself through understanding, awareness, compassion and unconditional love. For at the end of the day they too need love, acknowledgement and understanding. They too need to realize their own power so that they stop depending on others for their power and energy. This automatically frees them.

And like they say prevention is better than cure, it is always better to keep your mind occupied by thinking positive thoughts, when not busy, or better still to engage in practices such as mindfulness. That way the auric shield remains healthy and leaves no scope for external energy intrusions and attachments.

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