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Do you feel that I will be able to help you with any question, regarding your life, that is irking you at the moment? If you do, please send in your query, by filling in the form below.

Please provide sufficient details about your situation, and I will get back to you. I do not guarantee a quick fix or an answer that can resolve your issue. But I can definitely provide you with a different perspective.

You can also submit here for Dream Analysis any prominent dream that you remember, and which strikes as unusual to you. Dreams are the unconscious mind’s way of reaching out to you through symbols. They often hold deep symbolic meaning. Dream analysis is based heavily on the Jungian and archetypal school of dream interpretation. If you wish to submit a dream for analysis please follow the following guidelines:

    • In the first paragraph, please explain the story of the dream in a clear manner. Do Not mix it up with events of your current life.

    • Please explain which symbols stand out to you in the dream the most and what are the usual ideas/feelings associated with those symbols for you.

    • Please provide a brief description about yourself, and your life – what kind of a person you see yourself to be and what kind of a person you think others might see you as.

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