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My name is Anuja, also known as Anoo among friends and clients. I serve as a facilitator for your mental and emotional well-being at Breakthrough Holistic Therapy Center. My expertise lies in working with people who are affected by life transitions, be it a divorce, news of a major illness, death of a near and dear one, difficulty in relationships or at workplace and so on.

My vision is to uplift people’s emotional and mental states and help them become the best version of themselves.

Simply put, my job is to put you back in touch with your true self, past all the defence mechanisms that you have created to “survive” in this world. For, till you wish to “survive”, you will never be able to focus on what you are actually meant to do in this world, that is to say, you will never direct your energies towards nurturing and expressing your own unique talents. Instead, you will be busy shadow fighting.

At Breakthrough, I can help you to help yourself. My focus is to show you that you are not broken. You are already whole. I can help you systematically break down the barriers you have created from expressing that wholeness.
Once you understand you are whole there is no healing required, there is no need for you to “fix” anything in yourself, because you did not need fixing in the first place. It’s just your perspective that needed a change.

Nowadays self-help courses and therapies can become a never-ending cycle and in fact, for many they have become addictions. Instead, self-help therapies are meant to be short-term aids that help you to get back on your feet and not become crutches. And you can get back on your feet if at the outset you realize that you were never broken.

I specialize in:

    • showing people, especially women, who have undergone/suffered a divorce, break-up, traumatic loss, emotional or sexual abuse, and who as a result feel paralyzed, lost, and unable to move forward, how to give themselves permission to start over and create the life they always wanted with tremendous enthusiasm.

    • showing writers/artists who feel their creativity is blocked how to overcome the self-sabotage and write/create with ease, and let it flow.

    • showing people suffering from psychosomatic health issues how to mentally and emotionally manage their conditions and symptoms, and then go deep to remove the cause of the stress, which, in the first place caused the illness

    • showing students and professionals struggling with low self-confidence, conflicted relationships, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and who are over-stressed and burnt out, how to swiftly bring back the enthusiasm into their lives, be highly motivated and confident, market themselves enthusiastically, be self-starters, discover/re-discover their passions and lead balanced lives.

    My tryst with the field of healing began right from my high school days when I was greatly influenced by the writings and work of Mrs. Phyllis Krystal. That interest later spread to the works of Carl Jung in the field of psychology. I was especially drawn to his work on archetypes and I became a Jungian enthusiast. I began to notice all the mythological archetypes come alive in the people around me.
    The interest continued as I pursued my higher studies and later took my first professional steps as a college lecturer. Few years down the line, needing a change, I moved on from the teaching field to work in various corporate organizations, in different roles and capacities, including in the domains of Instructional Designing, Technical Writing, and Corporate Communications.

    Gradually, as I got caught up in the humdrum of corporate life, my interest took a backseat for many years. What did not change, however, was my ability to notice what archetypes people around me were unconsciously portraying even in the office. Realizing that this was a calling I needed to follow, I let my Seeker archetype guide me through the process of, what I now realize is, self-discovery.

    I pursued my interests with renewed fervour, which included, completing my long pending courses in the mind-body techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT ®, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting ™, Gestalt Therapy, Reiki, and Chakra Healing. Each of these courses brought me face to face with facets of myself, which I did not realize had existed.

    I also attended (and still do) a number of silence and mindfulness retreats, including Vipassana, which helped me go within, and the answers began to emerge. But, what surprised me is the fact that, where earlier I was searching for answers relentlessly, now I am able to be at peace with the questions themselves.

    In my work with clients, depending on their requirements, I weave together different streams of therapies and healing modalities to address their specific issues. I also extensively use meditative and mindfulness practices in my therapies. I take a maximum of 5 sessions for each person, not more, and that too for extreme cases.

    In the course of my work I have come across people from varied backgrounds, faiths, belief systems, all of who faced different issues in life, such as abuse, health issues, trauma, relationship issues, and the one thing I have seen in all cases is people’s ability to transcend it all – everytime.
    Knowing this, I can say with utmost conviction that we are so much stronger than we think we are. We are by nature indomitable. We just forget that at times.

    Apart from the coaching, therapy, and counselling work I also conduct a monthly workshop called Cutting the Ties that Bind, which is based on the work of Mrs.Phyllis Krystal.

    I also conduct Bal Vikas classes for different batches of children, consisting of different age groups, every Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
    In these classes the children learn about different religions of the world and the unity underlying it all, the different religious epics, mythological stories, mantras and shlokas.

    These classes encapsulate the essence of all spiritual knowledge and is fundamentally based on the following principles of Sri Sathya Sai Baba:

    “There is only one Religion, the Religion of Love
    There is only one Language, the Language of the Heart,
    There is only one Caste the Caste of Humanity,
    There is only One God, He is Omnipresent.”