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Breakthrough’s Vision – The vision at Breakthrough is to uplift people’s emotional and mental states and help them become the best version of themselves.

Breakthrough is a place for transformation, growth, and mental and emotional well-being in Bangalore. The counselling and therapies provided here are not simply solution-oriented, but aim towards the holistic transformation of a person.
As the name itself suggests this is a space where breakthroughs regularly happen. It is a space where alchemy takes place.
Here, people can drop off their masks, and armours and freely explore themselves. There are no demands or judgements.
They are free to examine and understand their needs, blocks, and at the same time recognize their strengths.

Many a time after undergoing the therapies, people experience tremendous changes in their perception of the world around them, their way of thinking, and lifestyle.

The reasons why people come here for sessions range from being physically unfit, material issues such as abundance blocks, emotional issues, behavioural issues, relationship issues, and also feeling spiritually disconnected.

Whatever the reason which propels one into the world of healing, it does not stop at changing just that one aspect of life. Through ripple effect changes made in that one aspect of life spill over to transform other aspects of life, simultaneously.
You need just one matchstick to light a fire, not a whole matchbox. Similarly, at Breakthrough, when one starts working on one aspect of life, many other aspects of life start transforming simultaneously. The magical process of alchemy begins.

At Breakthrough, along with counselling, a diverse range of highly effective therapy tools such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shadow Integration Work, Inner Child Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt Therapy, Matrix Reimprinting, and Metaphor Therapy are used.
Based on one’s needs, whether functional, emotional, or spiritual, whichever tool/modality suits a person the best is used. As mentioned earlier, the modalities are both solution-oriented for functioning in day-to-day life, as well as holistic-healing oriented.

There are also introspective, meditative, and energy-healing modalities for people who prefer these approaches to healing.
That being said, sometimes, many modalities may be fused together at different stages during the therapy sessions so that the therapy produces optimal effects and the healing is wholesome.

The kind of issues addressed at Breakthrough include:


• Fear of failure
• Fear of success
• Fear of competition & jealousy
• Abundance blocks (financial, creative, and relationships)
• Procrastination
• Laziness
• Demotivation
• Commitment phobia
• Boredom
• Dysfunctional and destructive family patterns


• Low self-confidence and self-esteem issues
• Anger Management
• Depression
• Frustration & suicidal thoughts
• Improving memory and concentration
• Procrastination
• Laziness
• Feeling of loss of control over life


• Diabetes
• Fibroids and Cysts
• Weight Management
• Pain Management
• Skin Issues
• Menstruation Issues
• Migraine
• Arthritis
• Allergies
• Palliative care counselling (terminally ill / Cancer patients)


• Difficult parent–child relationships
• Divorce
• Commitment phobia
• Abusive relationships
• Rejection issues
• Abandonment issues
• Managing difficult professional relationships


• Sexual / Emotional abuse
• Accidents
• Depression due to abortions or miscarriages
• Grief due to death or separation
• Trauma due to bullying or ragging


• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Overthinking
• Workaholic
• Sleeplessness
• Job related insecurities
• Eating disorders


• Phobia of flying
• Phobia of heights
• Claustrophobia
• Phobia of animals
• Phobia of water