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May Durga Rise Within You!

These are the words that sprung up in my heart today morning, the morning of Vijaya Dashami when the Mother Vanquished Mahishasura, after nine days of intense warfare:


Born during the darkest of times from the blinding light of the three Greatest Gods,
She is the perfect balance of opposites, no more no less.
She shook with rage at the plunder and desecration of the earth by Mahishasura,
She also trembled in compassion when in pain people and Gods cried out in unison,
And when Mother Earth joined the chorus to cry out loudly “#MeToo,”
Love and anger burst forth from Her as She bellowed out the fiercest war cry.
She is both the Slayer and Protector, a medley of the conventional and unconventional.
She is the One who breaks Her boundaries, in order to protect the same boundaries.
She is the Mother brimming with Love and the Goddess of Death and Destruction!
Her hands chopped Mahisha’s hordes ruthlessly, as blood flowed like a river all around.
And yet Her face remained calm and serene, untouched by and above it all.
Finally, as She crushed Mahishasura under Her feet and plunged Her spear through him
The heavens and earth resounded with joyous cries as the three worlds were freed…
I pray this Dussehra may you too find a perfect balance amidst the chaos,
May you too transcend and grow from that which troubles you,
May you too find the Shakti within you to cut through obstacles and reach your goal.
For, in these times of #Metoo it is needed…
Not just for women, but for the whole of Mother Earth
For in the battle between light and darkness there are no winners, except Durga
She is the Tipping Point and yet the Balance Bringer, the Middle Path, the Supreme Mother
And this Dussehra May Durga Rise Within You

– Anoo

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