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Sessions for Physical Issues

It has been proven medically that an estimated 80% of modern day diseases are psychosomatic in nature, i.e., involving both the mind (psyche), and the body (soma).

Sessions for Emotional & Relationship Issues

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Now you do not need to wait to get a physical face-to-face counseling appointment to make your life a little happier and stress free.

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Do you feel that I will be able to help you with any question, regarding your life, that is irking you at the moment?

Stories Of Breakthrough

  • Science Of Happiness Session in Dell Wyse, India

    Sangeeta Ganesh - Senior Technical Writer Advisor

    The Science of Happiness was a Positive Psychology session conducted at the Dell Wyse premises by Anuja. It was an excellent session where she touched upon simple fundamentals of life and what exactly can make people happy. Anuja took the audience through very simple life examples and exercises to make them realize the amount of stress that they are going through, when in reality they can be happy with the simplest of things. The audience received this session very well and were asking for more such sessions in future which could prove beneficial for their well-being.

  • Physical Issues & Emotional Anxiety

    Dr. & Mrs.(Dr.) R.Prakash - Retired University Professor, Medical Doctor (General Practitioner)

    Anuja is a true professional, totally committed to the well being of her clients. She treats them with great love and care that is needed to make a person more confident in handling day to day chores. She has the gift of connecting with and understanding human nature both at the conscious and subconscious levels. Anuja is never in a hurry and spends all the time that is needed for handling the problems at their root cause and the results are truly remarkable. She is a gift to the world of counseling.

  • Emotional Transformations & Healing Of Hemorrhoids

    Dixon Stephen – Assistant Manager

    I found Anuja to be a gifted and genuine counselor. She is extremely incisive, and what makes her counselling sessions effective is that they are very practical and not just feel-good fluff. I found a marked difference in life as a result. Circumstances and people don’t affect me the way they used to earlier. And I experienced not just emotional changes but also the physical healing of hemorrhoids that I was suffering from. Having experienced real time changes in my life, I can confidently say that Anuja deserves to be known as a ‘Healer’ in the real sense of the term.

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